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Petit Grand !

"Petit Grand" A local concert with MAMEMO's most emotional songs that make children and their parents smile, dream and grow! With humour and complicity, the two musician-singer artists distill the small fears and great desires of childhood like so many pearls of life. The audience surrounds the two griot storytellers musicians and participates in the concert like guests around a good table. 

A moment of delicious artistic complicity between young adults. 

Sweet and full-bodied like a square of chocolate!



MAMEMO's new bilingual (French-Spanish) show tells the story in songs and cartoons of Lydia Botana, a young Galician multi-instrumentalist singer who has travelled to the MAMEMO galaxy. Accompanying herself in turn on the piano, guitar, accordion or ukulele, Lydia gives Latino colours to the group's songs in a sparkling and tasty interpretation. On stage, it is accompanied by three large canvas screens stretched like sails on which the cartoons are projected.



Mamemo's BAND, the best of concert songs Mamemo. festive family show, Mamemo's BAND is a kind of "Big Bazar" Mamemo way intended for festivals and outdoor festivals. On stage, a band of six revelers making a musical atmosphere of hell and giving the public a passion to sing and move with them.


Planet dance ! 

Mamemo and Cow, invite us to move, to dance and sing in their Pop Art universe projected on to 180 degrees. Children and their parents live spectacle in the heart in a whirlwind of mountains, stars, forests, seasons that make you want to tour the company in Dance Planet of three musicians singers!

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